Chateau Wineracks
Become a Distributor

Chateau Wineracks seeks retail sales and promotional partners to help us grow and meet demand for our new style wine racks that are designed and made in Australia. The key consumer benefits are versatility and extendibility combined with a modern and durable design.






They are a striking alternative to the traditional wooden and metal wine racks, and provide full bottle depth storage and make excellent and unique gift ideas for your customers. Chateau Wineracks may complement your existing product range or create a new revenue line.

We offer you a number of benefits as a retail sales partner:

  • very attractive gross margin.
  • easy order options, direct from us or via your local distributor (as applicable).
  • great product guarantee for customer peace of mind.
  • full product support including accessories.
  • fast response to queries, usually within 24 hours by email, phone or fax.

We are a new brand - so we work harder to produce results using targeted promotional efforts. Most importantly, we work with you in your market to build demand and sales. We will be embarking on a product and brand development campaign in Australia focussing primarily on lifestyle media. We also plan to use local media and events to increase customer awareness.

Our promotional support to retail sales partners is flexible, and includes:

  • cooperative and targeted media advertising (Brochures and support material).
  • participation in lifestyle, wine and other events such as expos and wine & food days.
  • special promotional packs, such as our 12 bottle package.
  • advertising your shop and website details on our website, making it easier for customers to find where to buy
  • generating leads for you by actively capturing some of the thousands of internet search requests submitted by Australian consumers each month for wine racks, wine storage and associated terms.

We are very much open to your suggestions on promotional tactics for your market. Promotional partners simply use or promote our products for a charitable cause, competition or other worthy event, and we can also sponsor specific events. Just let us know and we'll explore what we can do.

To learn more about becoming a retail sales or promotional partner, please contact Gerd Schleske (Managing Director) on +618 8382 1879.