Chateau Wineracks




Silvestri's of Clarendon

Silvestri's of Clarendon

Chateau Wineracks were the obvious choice for our cellar at Silvestri's of Clarendon.
The modular design offered us the flexibility we needed to ensure we maximized
the use of our space and the fact that all the components are made from durable plastic means that we don't have to worry about corrosion due to dampness or humidity. The installation of the Chateau Wineracks system was painless and should we ever want to reconfigure the cellar we know that we can add on to our existing racks very easily. We feel very confident that the investment we have made in our extensive selection of fine wines is well cared for in the Chateau Wineracks system.

John Silvestri


The Mawson Lakes Hotel

M oawson Lake Hotel

The Mawson Lakes Hotel is just one of many commercial venues that have discovered the benefits of the Chateau Wineracks system. No matter what size and shape you wish to use for wine storage our system can be easily adapted to fit your premises and expanded at any time as your needs change.